Travel to explore

Traveling to me means adventure! It gives me a sense of living. Adventure to me, means experiencing something new and making it a fun time! When people think of traveling they immediately think of a boat, plane, train or bus ride somewhere far away from home. Little do most know that there is such thing as traveling […]

The Indi explorer

Its not the easiest journey when you’re becoming a solo traveler. The ability to solely rely on yourself is something that takes time, months, even years to acquire for some. Perhaps there are some people who have been chosen for this lifestyle whom may have been instilled the thirst for adventure throughout their adolescents. The way […]



This soul that resides in me will forever live, though one day I may seize to exist. My journey of existence began at birth but it was when I left home after high school for college that I began to evolve into me. My ambition drove me across the country. I needed to fill this void of inadequacy. To me that meant leaving everything I knew behind and finding myself in this world, which I soon found bigger than many of us realize. I found myself in San Francisco, California attending Academy of Art University as a 17 year old Dominican girl with the hustle of a New York native. San Francisco was my first impression of the west coast. Let’s just say; I left San Fran after living there for 7 months and decided I never wanted to look back at that time and place. But today is a new day and I am grateful that the universe led me there to begin the evolution of my greatness. …To be continued.