The Willow Breast Pump

There is no question that best way to feed a newborn is to breastfeed. When a baby is born they constantly seek the comfort of mum because that is now their life force. Mum provides love, protection, nurture, and food of course!

Breast feeding is imperative for a babies’ development and creating the very important bond between mum and baby however many mums find themselves still in need of a comfortable breast pump to use while breastfeeding or when they have to be away from their babe.

Whether it is because you have to return back to work or school and want to insure your baby still feeds from your milk exclusively or if you are experiencing large amounts of milk being produced by your breast, you will need a comfortable, easy to use and to hide breast pump!

Well how about a breast pump that fits in your bra and no one even notices your pumping. Sounds PERFECT!

How about a breast pump that doesn’t hurt because it can fit any boob of any size?

Check out what I found. One of my new favorite products!

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“A new breast pump startup wants to help new moms take a literal hands-off approach to pumping. 

Willow is a set of two breast pump wearables that are meant to be worn inside a woman’s bra. An app on the wearer’s smartphone tracks volume of breast milk and time spent pumping and logs that date for later use. 

Women don’t need the app to pump, however– the product works entirely on its own to encourage the let-down reflex and then adjusts pumping based on the wearer’s flow. When the bag is full, the pump stops automatically. One charge gets wearers at least five pumping sessions, and in a pinch, can do a single session on 20 minutes of charging.

The idea behind Willow is to allow women to pump while still going about daily activities. But is it discreet enough to be worn out of the house?

Willow Co-founder and CTO John Chang tells Mashable that women who’ve tested the pump can testify that it’s quiet enough for public use. 

“Moms have come back to us and, instead of having to hit the mute button on a conference call, they’re having a conference call and nobody knows that they’re pumping,” he said. Indeed, the pump made little noise as we spoke at Willow’s International CES booth.

Chang admitted that because of their larger size, users have said that spouses and coworkers can tell when they’re wearing the pumps. Strangers, however, don’t seem to take notice. 

“What we’re hoping is that this is transformative for moms, so that they don’t have to stop or pause their life. They can plug into life, not plug into the wall,” Chang said.




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How breastfeeding BENEFITS BABY

  • Breastfeeding protects your baby from a long list of illnesses
  • Breastfeeding can protect your baby from developing allergies
  • Breastfeeding may boost your child’s intelligence
  • Breastfeeding may protect your child from obesity
  • Breastfeeding may lower your baby’s risk of SIDS
  • Breastfeeding can reduce your stress level and your risk of postpartum depression
  • Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of some types of cancer


How Breastfeeding BENEFITS MOTHER

  • Breastfeeding burns extra calories, so it can help you lose pregnancy weight faster.
  • Releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and reduce uterine bleeding after birth
  • Lowers mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer
  • May lower risk of osteoporosis



*For breastfeeding support and education click for Doula services*





From Mother’s Garden

What are your favorite natural products? Do you read ingredient labels? We are all about natural options for amazing humans.  ~From Mother’s Garden

A Note From the Founder:

In the last seven years, From Mother’s Garden has grown. Every product is made to promote wellness & awaken your senses. Our foods & baked goods are amazing & our skin, home & bath products will blow your mind.

The vision continues to grow & we are realizing what’s possible. Our focus is empowering youth & young adults with education, access, and entrepreneurship.

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Keisha’s Gemz

One of my favorites for this Month has to be my sacred sister’s all Vegan Skin care products and Holistic Jewelry.

Keisha makes it her mission to create products for you that will help to nourish the body and uplift the spirit.

Upon the first moment I met Keisha I was greeted with her pleasant and nurturing spirit. Keisha has such a pure heart and soul that is all inspiring and uplifting with her words, physical presence and now with her hand crafted goods. This creative soul introduces a line of skin care products that will grace your body with self love, honor and just the right care you need.

Her skincare products are made with natural and organic ingredients. For example I use raw unrefined plant butters, oils, herbal infusions, and extracts just to name a few. They assist in moisturizing the skin and have health benefits as well.

Her jewelry line is said to have metaphysical properties. Whether you are on a date, at the office, school, or a social event. You will be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Everything that I create is handmade, crafted with love, and you in mind!

Be sure to check out her products! Let her know I sent you!

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New Age Afro-Vintage Hairstylist


She came all the way from Long Island to my East New York home with this Erykah Badu swagg and healing hands. She greeted me with open arms ready to crown my Afro with the designs of our ancestors and I could not wait to see the outcome. Of course I trusted her with my crown, aka my hair something I don’t do with almost anyone perhaps my other half but that’s it. No one is aloud to touch my hair unless I pray over their hands first. However I trusted her and it could very well be because she is also my Hydro-colon therapist. The amazing work that Tamara, my Haitian sister is doing with her company, Ancestral strands is such a fresh new take on our vintage African hairstyles. Before the fakes tried to claim our beautiful locks and braids this Queen and her twin had been working on a new wave of braided hairstyles. I knew I would need her to blessed my hair with her designs because of all the different African styles she offered. From looks of the natives of Ethiopia to the very popular year 2000’s NYC street style; They can do pretty much any braided style you wish. My look was Ethiopian inspired, however I felt like I walked out the pyramids of Giza once she was done.


I always advise women and men to be cautious of whom handled their crown. Our hair as a people is sacred. It is what connects us to the land. It is our antenna to the different universal dimensions. The last thing you want is someone with negative energy or bad intentions touching your head. Tamara herself has beautiful locks that render from curly to Afro puff to silky waves which is a big reason I trusted she would handle my hair with care. My hair varies in texture depending on so much, the humidity, temperature, my diet, the water I last washed it in, my patience with it. My hair has a mind of its own and I respect it and I knew she would know how to handle it just as I would. Hands down one of my favorite hairstylist. One of the most wanted and seen in different Pop-Up events in NYC right now!




Artby9 a.k.a 3rd_Galaxy_Art

One of my favorite accessories of August 2016* is my Artby9 (3rdGalaxyArt). As a birth worker and healer it was important for me to adorn my neck with a meaningful piece that will work even when I would rest. I decided to gift myself with a stone that represented not only my sun sign Libra, but aided me in the work I do.~YtheG

Historically Tiger Eye has been used in protective medicine. A good luck stone, it is also used for discerning the truth in any situation; it can help with understanding of any cycle through which one is living. Healing eye disorders is one of the most common medicinal uses associated with Tiger eye. It can help slow the flow of energy through the body which makes the gem very helpful in stress related illnesses.

Tiger’s eye is of the trigonal crystal system
Corresponds to the third eye chakra
Zodiac Signs Libra, Leo, Capricorn

Used as a protective stone combines the energy of the earth and sun creating a high vibrational state. Helps with creativity blocks. Tiger’s eyes is great for making a change especially physical changes. Helps with accomplishing goals. Helps stop wishful thinking this is an action stone.

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We see the ankh as a frequency oscillator, an energy transformer/transmitter
We believe that when a conductive metal Ankh is worn on the body it has the ability to transform the energy being emitted from the body having a positive effect on the aura or human bio magnetic field.
Through the SHAPE of the Ankh in which the energy emitted from the body flows through that SHAPE which in turn oscillates that energy or alternates the current transforming that energy and emitting that change of energy out into the bio magnetic field or the aura.
Which we believe at that point is re-absorbed into the body for benefit.
We believe that when a Crystal is attached to the Ankh, the energy of that crystal is involved in the transformation/emission/absorbtion process as well as adding it’s energetic properties into the process fusing those properties with your energy.
We believe that the prolonged wearing of the crystal Ankh or crystal piece will result in the body attuning itself to the frequency or vibration of the crystal piece.
WHEN TWO FREQUENCIES ARE BROUGHT TOGETHER, THE LOWER WILL ALWAYS RISE TO MEET THE HIGHER. This is the principle of resonance. Thus the crystal becomes an ascension guide for you.
According to Amen the author of “The African Origins of Electromagnetism” the shape of the ankh, when wrapped in coils, allowed it to carry an electromagnetic charge.
The Ankh was the key used to control the flow of water in the underground flow of the Nile
The body is made up of 70-75% water which means the Ankh must have a similar effect on the human body
The Ankh represents the divine feminine at the top, the Oval (Magnetism)
And the Divine Masculine at the bottom, the staff (Electrical charge)
It is an electromagnetic tool for healing and balancing energies
The top loop is said to represent eternal life while the cross represents the material plane @3rd_galaxi_art #3ga

Waist Beads!

This month I have curated some of my favorite must have anythings, and waist beads are a must share with you all. If you are a woman it is time to take the next step in your wombman hood and adorn your temple for yourself and for your love. If you are a man… well you now know what to gift your lady with this month. Who said gifts are for special occasions? Thank me later!

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Here is one of my personal waist bead creator, Zanetta Tribble EL


Advice: Be sure to get fitted and adorned personally by a waist beader because the material must be handled by professionals to ensure comfortable fit and safe enclosure. These beads are usually binded on ends. There is no hook like bracelets or necklaces they are not meant to come off.

Other favorite waist beaders,

(Atlanta, GA)

(New York)