Daily gratitude composes Greatness – Sanitation Workers

This morning I got a chance to trail my way to the train station as my lovely little car sat parked somewhere incapable of driving me around. Bracing myself for the tough winds of cold coming at me, I lifted my face amazed at what I saw. For the first time in my 26 years of life I was witnessing a garbage truck with two sanitation workers who were Women!


      I approached one of the women who I was walking closest to and smiled then said, “Good morning.” She was a small lady I must say and without underestimating her athletic capabilities I got a small smirk in return but her eyes looked exhausted. I had so many questions I wanted to ask and if my brother in law was there he would of made me feel like a punk for not speaking to her when I wanted to. I was overall really impressed and inspired by the work these women were doing. Needless to say I am highly aware of how well sanitation workers get paid in the state of New York.
      Now this may come as a surprise to many but those people you see jump off garbage trucks to pick up your trash every other day in front of your home make more money than you think and often if I am not mistaken have decent benefits and retiree plans that come with putting in that work. Although it is probably one of the least glamorous jobs any of you may ever want to aspire to be you may be real surprised at how cool it may be to be a sanitation worker. Think about it, you wear a uniform therefore your clothes stay at home fresh and crispy for when your not at work, you are often picking up and putting loads down of almost 50-60 pounds, you are constantly moving around, driving around all neighborhoods therefore you know these streets, and you get paid well. Lets just hope there is equal pay for women in this job because I know if you want to start a family and carry your own children in your belly the hard labor may not be first option you’d like to have.
However, it is quite humbling and inspiring to see diversity in sanitation jobs and I sure do appreciate anybody who travels throughout our neighborhoods and keeps them clean. How often do you thank your local sanitation workers? Perhaps I may have just inspired someone to take on a career they have never thought of. I am very grateful to any individual who is brave enough to take on a career that they respect and honor the craft all while making a great living. What are you grateful for this morning?

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