C O R E – S T R E N G T H

Have you ever suddenly felt a rush of stress or anxiety and felt the pressure mainly in your core? If you are a man, you felt your balls tense up and if you are a woman you’ve felt your uterus tense up? Well, that is not a coincidence.

As human beings we hold our power and susceptibilities in the very organs that make us who we are. As a woman every time I feel stressed or depressed I feel the most tension in my ovaries, uterus and lower abdominal area. Anytime I have been driving and suddenly have to brake my car because an inadequate driver cuts me off without putting on a turn signal, my whole lower body tenses up. In that moment the hormone Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine are released and causes me to be in the state of fight or flight. All of which are released by your reproductive organs and circulated through out your body.


Now in my experience I have learned how important it is to maintain a strong, active core in order to endure life. There is an untold power that we hold as individuals in our core. Our tummy, (which is what we learn is the body part where our belly button is, as children.) It is what houses and protects our reproductive organs inside. Therefore I have always correlated the importance of having a fit mid section in order to protect and keep the organs it houses healthy. If we have too much belly fat on the outside its not our biggest issue. Yeah, we may look out of shape but the truth is, that your organs are being suffocated and debilitated by the fat surrounding it inside. 

As an athlete growing up I made a promise to myself to always keep my core strengthened. Even if that meant I didn’t have abs I would at least be able to do 50-100 sit ups at random because the goals was to always stay engaged and active throughout any whatever life style I had. In my goal to always maintain a strong core, I have intentionally always been able to get back to being fit if ever life or injuries hindered me from not doing so. Because my goal in life is to always focus on my core I have learned the benefits it provides like having consistent bowl movements and a balanced Ph.Level.




When you intentionally work to strengthen your core you train the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, hips, and Your reproductive organs! This creates a harmonic balance and stability in your body. The core is your center. Your center is your foundation of operation in life. Your body being balanced from the center then translates to your mind feeling content and fulfilled and your soul feeling accomplished and purposeful. It becomes therapeutic to have power in the house where your ability to create lives. It also helps that your immune system is strengthened and powered up when your core is strong due to your intestines detoxing with the action of any ab work out.

Ways to obtain a healthier C O R E… by YtheG Wellness

  • Drink LOADS of h20! It detoxes and cleanses with little to no effort. Just Drank!
  • Eat adequate amount of fiber. Pooping is important at least after every meal.
  • Runnnn! Or walk. Or Jump rope every day.
  • Massage your core, moisturize and show it some love and tell it out loud to get it together and SHAPE UP! (Affirmations always help)
  • SQUATS Help shrink belly fat. No need for waist trainers ladies! (20 squats while brushing your teeth is a piece of Vegan CAKE!)
  • Drink Warm water with lemon in the morning – Boost Immune, aids in digestion
  • EASIET CORE WORKOUT EVER! PLANK or just Laying on your back with legs and arms extended fully while just sucking in your tummy and holding it while your muscles engage, and Release the breath. Ahhhhh!
  • Y O G A- It works out everrythingggggg while balancing your chakras too!
  • NUTS! eat nuts. Thats it. (If you are not allergic of course)
  • Get you a trainer… ME! Free Consultations at 
  • My Favorite! THE BRUCE LEE AB work out!
  • bruce-lee-ab-routine-724x1024.jpg

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