Daily gratitude composes Greatness – Physical Mobility

When was the last time you looked at your feet and thank them and the most high for the ability to walk, dance, and run. If you have mobility in your legs remember in this moment that some may not and you should be grateful for yours. Have you ever looked at your hands and thought, “Wow how amazing it is to be able to brush my own teeth, comb my hair, pick my nose, and touch the one I love with the tips of my fingers or the grope of my hand.”

After a great work out at the gym I can’t help but get home and reflect on the ability to challenge my body in many ways in order to stay healthy and release any negative energy collected during my day. Today I went to the gym at 2:00am and I was so bummed because I wasn’t able to play basketball since the courts were packed with all these pre-tend professional athletes. I had to settle for a regular work out session. However once I got started and began doing some basketball drills without a ball I realized I may have not got exactly what I wanted but what I had was just as good as long as I appreciated my ability to excel in it. I did my core exercises and sprints up and down the training room, lifted weights and did dead lifts. I even got to balance on a ball while practice my Caribbean winning/belly dancing.


its a shame that we wake up each day and neglect to thank our bodies for being the amazing vessels that they are. We feed our body food that is usually not of much nutritional value and then we slack off on challenging our bodies in order to build muscle. I wonder often, “If you knew tomorrow that you randomly will be paralyzed, would you decide to work out today? Dance? Run a marathon? Or try that KamaSutra position you been fantasizing forever about? Well the truth is, we don’t know how long we will inhabit these bodies of ours and we must appreciate the abilities they do have.

Tonight I may have not been able to exercise in the way of my choice of therapy by playing basketball. However I was determined to make the best of my work out, grateful to be able to move in any way I wished. I hope you are able to also and if not, imagination can always spark joy in your heart if you wish it. What are you grateful for this afternoon?



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