Is being Positive in a Negative world delusional?

Recently I began to notice my moods swings depicting a chart that resembled that of the stock market. With full understanding of being a hormonal woman I couldn’t quiet accept the reality that I kept going from being very positive about life to then very negative when something shook me. This made me wonder, what was going on? Was there something I kept doing wrong everyday that only allowed me to be positive for short periods and then feeling hopeless when something unexpected would happen.



Everyday I wake up in this home that we call America. For many of us living in this land, we are usually sucked in to all the negative news we are constantly fed by way of media. But the truth is that the world is much bigger than what we believe it to be. Being a person of wander and exploration there should be no reason why I am not able to mentality explore the wonders of the world in my head, in order to stay positive. But somehow social media, art, and curiosity allows me to see into the world’s of other peoples lives, only to learn that a negative mindset is created. One has the power to seek inspiration to stay positive every conscious moment of their life. We just have to be intentional and deliberate about doing so.

I decided to take responsibility for stabilizing my own moods. And actually put into practice what I often preached to the world. The positively living duty is what I have named it. Mama Maya Angelou has taught me that words have power. I decided to name this new duty I have for myself the Positively Living Duty because after I hired myself to wake up to each day ready to face a negative world with a positive mindset. No matter what! Seems easy, but it is not. I am a puzzle person and like to figure out the many ways something can be solved or created. Therefore I began to practice habits that would become my rituals, my prayers to myself every moment of my day. This meant planning steps ahead like setting reminders on my phone to take a deep breath and smile no matter what I was doing at the moment.

Mr.Love Song

It is very important to live life and not just go through life alive. Therefore I hope you are inspired to soak in every moment you intentionally make the decision to feel alive in the moment. I start my day with simply checking in with myself the moment I wake up. No matter what time it is or what I have to do I take a deep breath once I open my eyes and make sure I am aware of where I am and who I am the moment I wake up. I do my best to tell myself each morning before stepping foot on the ground, “Today will be a great day.” The it goes on to drinking my morning coffee or tea and I sip it like its the only glass of wine I have ever had. I don’t drink therefore if ever I have a glass of Champagne or wine I automatically get tipsy. Then I take a deep breath and look out onto the streets before I step out my front door. Again checking in with myself and reminding myself that I am in charge of my attitude and attract whatever energy I release. Therefore the goal is to be positive, realistic but daring into whatever happens and viewing every moment as a chance to adventure into a better me.


I figure that no matter what world we live and no matter what kind of society we live in, I have to hold myself accountable for my thoughts. Perhaps the people who live in peace and are the most successful when it comes to living their best lives are the people who see beauty in all the ugliness. It is not easy to see beauty in any struggle but J.Cole said it exist and when you do the work and intentionally practice this as a daily ritual it becomes you and peace will always generate infinite happiness and love. Plus everyone around you will feel it too.


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