Daily gratitude composes Greatness – Patience

If I had a dollar for every time I had to recreate a new method of achieving patience. I’d have all kinds of monies! Luckily in the practice of being patient comes all kinds of abundance. Because in being patient you actually become grateful for all the things you have that you didn’t notice you had because you were too busy wanting and waiting for something else.


There once was a time where I thought that if I worked and wished hard enough for something I wanted, I would get it. But life has taught me different. There are many things one could want that would require hard work and dedication. The truth is that no matter what we want, we will not always get it when we think we deserve it. Paulo Coelho wrote in his book The Alchemist, “When you want something, All the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” He was completely right. However this doesn’t mean that your efforts determine the time frame in which the universe will grant your wish. A true lesson of perseverance is that which we learn through patience that we must continue to believe and move forward in our actions without losing hope of what is yet to come.


When we wake up each morning believing in our dreams coming true we automatically put forth the actions to achieve any little goal that will lead us closer to realizing our dreams. The universe reads and understands that energy and constructs the alignment of what you must do next to get closer and closer. But in that process the universe also lends out mini lessons to remind us that the dream is nothing but a vision that we delight in, and that our true purpose is in all the small moments ultimately leading us to our biggest moments.

So today I have a new found appreciation to having patience. I myself am one who works on mastering the art of patience on a daily basis. This shit ain’t easy. Everyday I am gifted with the opportunity to make a small win in being patient with something totally different. For example, driving in the streets of New York; I have to constantly remind myself that the person who just cut me off without turning on their turn signal could easily be an elderly person who has forgotten other cars may be on the road. Instead of using my horn and pulling up on the side of them, I take a deep breath and channel the spirit of patience. I believe each day I am granted more and more peace, tiny microcosms of peace through patience. What are you grateful for this morning?



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