Daily gratitude composes Greatness – Technology

My first and most found experience with technology was not only the cool colorful Apple computers that I had in my elementary school where we would learn math through online games but also when I consciously used the computers to learn at my free will in middle school. Before google search existed I was a total geek that would run home from school to get on my computer just to use the Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia! Do you remember that?



Microsoft’s E.C. taught me so much about the human body and reproduction and it was honestly my first teacher about my menstrual cycle. But looking back at it now, it was all just an Electronic encyclopedia with updated information. I would have no problem turning back to researching and learning most of my content from books today if I had to. In fact I love books and have recently co-authored a book named, Blak Excellence. Books are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. However I would be lying to you if I didn’t mention how important the internet has been to my learning experience. And I am very grateful to it because of everything I have been able to accomplish with the use of the internet.



The internet has been a foundation for me as it pertains to how I have started my business as both a Birth Doula and Health & Wellness coach/App developer. Yet, I am most grateful for having access to the internet in order to communicate with the people I care about that live thousands of miles away from me. I am not saying it would be impossible to have relationships in today’s age without the access to the internet because I am totally okay with becoming someone’s pen pal. I am all about going back to the basics. But have you ever thought about how much you do get to communicate freely and see the people you care about via the internet, using facetime and video chat without missing a single moment of your loved one’s lives who may live across the country? I think about it all the time and I know if something were to happen where this option of communication were no longer free a lot would change in the way we create, form, and continue relationships with people. But if something like Net Neutrality were to happen one must be hopeful in knowing that with lack thereof there will always be innovation.


Therefore I offer the hope in knowing that no matter what we will find a way and we will be okay with how we continue or will need to communicate with each other. I am grateful to the internet and being able to Facetime and share memes in as a form of self expression. It is something that has changed and shaped our world into a more unifying and understanding place and it is something that we should learn to use for more good than bad. The more good we use all our resources for the more positive energy would be released into our world. We could all use more positive energy. What are you grateful for this morning?


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