Daily gratitude composes Greatness – The Millennial Intuition

Millennials get a bad rap from the older generation about always being too lazy to do anything because they have grown up in a world of advanced technology. They are often ridiculed as the generation that acts super entitled even after they are spoiled without request because their parents probably wanted to give them all that they didn’t have while growing up. But there is something special about this generation that brings me hope.


I recently met a teenange boy who was on his way to the gym. He began to chat with me about his experience being on the wrestling team at his high school and wanting to gain weight and muscle. He continued to share with me how he had been guided by peers at his local gym to take protein shakes in order to gain the optimal strength he desired to compete on his  school’s wrestling team.  We began a full blown conversation that led on for almost 40 minutes on a uber ride and the more I learned about him the more inspired I was. He was very curious and eager to learn about what I do as a Health and Wellness Coach whose formerly coached basketball and played on the collegiate level. I shared information about how he can actually strengthen his body through proper training and even considering a vegan diet. This only led to him sharing that he was a vegetarian and Indian. This brought me so much joy because he was only 17. Although he seemed self confident about it and almost wanting to say he ate meat for the sake of fitting in with a norm, I told him that the vegan life style was the future and that he was on the right path. 



 This young man was so interested on living a healthy life and doing it the best way for his developing body. He was not interested one bit in easy gimmicks or quickest way to improving his athletic ability. None the less a very polite and respectful young man. As we continued to rave over idealogies and my personal health theories he concluded with saying that he was going to research what foods and exercise will be best for him to reach his goals because he had no plans on hindering his still developing reproductive system and body. It was so refreshing and inspiring to know that there are many children of the Y2K generation who care about their health and the planet. If we have more children who operate this way we may have hope for healing our planet and ourselves from the over consuption destruction our parents have left us with. This 17 year old was one of many that I have met this month alone that seems socially and emotionally aware of what will need to be done to ensure that humans don’t destroy mother nature. Seems as though technology has not led our babies totally disconnected from their human intuition. I am grateful to meet these individuals each day because it reminds me how much work is to be done to encourage and support our youth in leading wholistic healthier lives. However this means we lead by example first. What are you grateful for this morning? 


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