Daily gratitude composes Greatness – Winter Hibernation

One of the biggest reasons I moved to California upon graduating high school was because I hated the New York winters. Now I just dislike them. Being back in NYC has forced me to appreciate the hibernation season.


I believe Uni, (the Universe) created the winter season not only for harvest but for us humans to slow down, grab a cup of tea, and get cozy on your sofa with a good book to read. If you are reading this and you are cold, I bet this sounds amazing right now. I disliked the cold so much growing up because I felt that everything died in the cold. It was always harder to find your favorite fruits because they weren’t in season and your skin no longer moisturizes itself. If you are like me you would find any excuse to not leave the house in order to not have to face the cold. Then I realized perhaps the winter season was created for us to intuitively come to self and focus on our inner healing.

If you are always cold in the winter then you stay in, right? Well when everyone stays in for hibernation then maybe meditation will then become an inexcusable practice. It is not like the summer time when everyone is always going out and having something to do. Which brings me to this realization, with being in more often you are metaphysically forced to face your inner you. Not only are you indoors more but you are possibly alone more unless you are celebrating a holiday. You will find yourself more secluded and internally connected to self. This is not a coincidence. This seems to be the way Uni has made it to be for us to take time to care for ourselves, like having to manually moisturize yourself intentionally to keep your skin healthy until summer’s fresh fruits and the sun’s vitamin D makes a come back.


This time I am grateful to now witness the winter season without all the hatred about it in my heart. Because this too shall pass. Although it may seem like winter last 9 months in NYC, I have found peace in going to the gym, sweating and opening up my pours and enjoying a good 20-30 minute sauna session that reminds of the love the sun provides. Therefore I am grateful to have changed my mindset about winter. I have also learned to appreciate its purpose. However it took me 3 years, a gym membership with a sauna and a good number of discussions with mother nature herself. She made it very clear that the winters were important for the ecosystem and the ice glaciers that keep melting if we don’t pay attention to the way we live. What are you grateful for this morning?



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