DGCG – Are you Aging Gratefully?

Daily gratitude composes Greatness

Are you aging gratefully?

Today you woke up therefore I consider this your birthday. So… Happy birthday! Very often I hear the murmurs of people complaining about their age and how they wish to be young again. What is it about wanting to grow up so fast when we are young yet wanting time to suddenly freeze the moment we reach our 20s. This seems to be the way of our American culture. We are often running, searching and speeding through moments and growth and then we regret the whole thing and wish you could get a do over.

Seems this new idea of being “present” in the moment was created after realizing everyone was taken a back when they wished to rush through the hard times or the times they weren’t happy about in their lives. Then, realized they were actually missing out. I have always had a poor perception of time. I am fully aware of what time of day it is because of my awareness of nature. But when it comes to my age I couldn’t tell you how old I am today without reminding myself what number candle was on my last birthday cake.



Waking up each day in this place we call earth, I am reminded that I am a soul that is lead by spirit, having a human experience. HOW COOL IS THAT! We are like 3-Dimensional. Its levels to this!  Everyday I am honored to wake up and get closer to old age. I grew up respecting life and how fast it can slip away from us when we don’t appreciate it. Although I do not believe in death, I believe we transition into somewhere else when we leave our physical bodies; I feel as though I am privileged to be a witness to life right now. Perhaps if we can get past the ideas of society and the pressures that we put on ourselves to rush through life just to experience the big moments, maybe then we will not give a shit about aging, and sagging, and growing grey hairs. It use to be a time when vanity wasn’t a core value in our world that we were proud to grow old and gain wisdom. I hope this encourages you to take your time and enjoy where you are and who you are right now. A lot can happen in 100 days or in a year. Don’t be so quick to get to the next big event. It will come but you are exactly where you need to be right now so that you can be ready for whats next.


For the longest time during my teenage years I didn’t even think or fathom the thought of being alive past 18 years of age. I cannot tell you exactly why I had this feeling growing up but I can tell you this, I am so grateful to be at year 26. I will see it as a privilege if I get to 62 and 92. To be chosen to witness so much life and change and array of emotions and energies in one lifetime… You got to be chosen over and over again each day to be awakened with a lesson and a purpose in store for you.

Today you woke up and so, Happy birthday. Thank you for saying yes to the creator and allowing the universe to operate through you to generate positive energy into this world’s frequency.  I woke up today and I am grateful to be able to witness the people I love and see nature express itself fearlessly through the winds, clouds, trees, birds, and many different souls. What are you grateful for this morning? 


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