Daily gratitude composes Greatness

One of the most common characteristics that successful people have had in common throughout history is repetition. People who live in their greatness often create rituals for themselves that allow them to form productive habits on a daily basis. Recently I decided I had to become more serious about my future. As if I have not already been in trouble for taking life too serious by my sister. I decided to commitment myself to produce a daily article about living in gratitude whether I feel my greatest that day or not.

So it begins…

Imagine if you will this moment closing your eyes and opening them and suddenly seeing all black. You feel as though your eyes are still closed. As if you have completely lost your vision. The vision you have had your whole life just gone. You can no longer see anything of what you are hearing all around you. The chaos in the train that you are transporting in, the people having a conversation next to you. You can no longer see what time of day it is outside because you only see black. _________________________________

When I was 15 years old I remember waking up one morning to the reality of, “Shoot! I just got my period.” I ran to the bathroom, took a warm and cleansing shower and walked over to my room. Wrapped in my towel ready to get dressed and begin my day. Suddenly as I closed the door to my closet after picking my clothes, within a blink of a second my vision was gone. The surrounding corners of my eyes was going black and closing in on me until all I saw was black. Darkness. Nothing! My brain was trying to identify what happening in my body while my heart began to pump profusely full of fear and anxiety. I grabbed on to the mirror because I felt as if I was losing my balance and told myself. “Open your eyes.” I did! I blinked about 4-5 times. I knew I was not going nuts. I could not see anything but black. I turned my back to the mirrored door of my closet and dropped to the floor and sat down. I was home alone that morning and had no idea what to do or whom to call. After all, if I would have called any family member they would of thought I was losing my mind. I literally sat there for a few minutes and spoke to my Higher self, the Universe inside me and said, “Its going to be okay. Take a deep breath and attempt to use your vision.” I opened my eyes. Slowly the darkness faded from the middle of my eyes and out to the corners although it was blurry, I could see again.

It has been about 11 years since that happen to me and it never happened again. I cannot explain to you what exactly happened to me in that moment but it changed me. As a person who is deeply connected with her body and studies the different causes of medical perplexities I have an idea that this had happened to me because of my iron levels being low that morning. Possibly due to the fact that I had started my daily routines without even grabbing a glass or water or eating breakfast. This experience taught me to appreciate my eye sight. Much of my inspiration and love of life has been gifted to me through the things and people I have being able to witness visually and connect with spiritually.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

It is often the smallest yet most useful and important things in life that we take for granted not understanding that in any given moment we can go without these things. My vision is something I am beyond grateful for. If it wasn’t for these hazel eyes, I would have never seen the beauty in the world that nature has created for us to be healed and inspired by. What are you grateful for this morning?


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