Latin Flavors in Queens NY

There is no denying how diverse and full of culture New York City is. As a NY native I have always appreciated the immense amount of culture that spills out of every neighborhood in each of the boroughs of the concrete jungle. You can miss me with the added noise and chaos but I will always have a great appreciation for being exposed to so many different people from all corners of the earth. My home city has afforded me the opportunity to learn about many different cultures, religions, and even foods from the Caribbean countries, european, african and even many varieties of south american delicacies.


If it wasn’t for my upbringing in New York I probably would have never been able to try authentic Haitian food, explore the parades of multiple heritages, or taste Chinese, Japanese, and or Korean food in the same week. This is what some of the adventures can look like in New York when you have the proper tour guide. One thing this city is infamous for is the amounts of activities and events that are always happening. That is why this is truly the city that never sleeps.

One NEW and Major fun activity happening was created and is hosted by my business partner and sister, Elizabeth Polanco. She is a AfroDominican Queens native and a travel enthusiast. She has a degree in Sociology which she attributes to having allowed her to turn her culture into her passion.


What we’ll do
We will meet in the heart of Queens where you can experience and learn about Latino culture through delicious bites. We will taste authentic Mexican tacos and indulge in Colombian dessert while discussing Latino influence on the neighborhood. The experience will span about twenty blocks and three different neighborhoods.
What’s provide
Light lunch 󴀁
Guests will be provided with a taco from a local restaurant known for their tacos and a Mexican beer, juice, water, or soda.
Alcoholic drink 󲀃
those that are 21+.
2 food items 󴀁
Taco from restaurant and a traditional Colombian dessert.

BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE TODAY! Let us know what you think!

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