Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Messages


How often do you find yourself in pain and quickly running to find the fastest remedy. In order to keep up with the high demands we place on our lives we seem to be becoming immune to physical pain. This doesn’t mean you are not being affected by it. This only means you are slowly deteriorating from the inside out and won’t care to make a change until you begin to see the side affects.

Often times I meet people in my journey who disregard pain that they feel regularly. As if them feeling sick or uncomfortable should be something they must tolerate in order to gain some kind of G stripe of respect. It is not. Pain and bodily discomfort is the way of our body telling us something is wrong. If we don’t start listening and taking action to improve how we feel things will get worse.

One common symptom that I learned people often suffer from are headaches. I usually never get headaches because I do my best to stay off of caffeine none the less implement a severe h20 intake regime to ensure my brain and body are always fully hydrated. But recently I grew concerned about a constant headache that I was feeling for two days straight. To describe the headache, it felt like a head band on pressure and tension compressing my brain and I could no longer bare the feeling. I began to go down the list of what I may be possibly doing wrong on my daily rituals to see if I was the cause of this headache. Was I detoxing from caffeine? When was the last time I drank coffee I asked myself? It had been weeks since I drank coffee therefore that was not it. Was I eating healthy and clean? Drinking enough water? How many hours of sleep am I getting. For my personally if I consistently get only 5 hours of sleep each night, I am slowly walking into immune deficiency and I need to stay completely healthy by eating the right foods because any slip up will lead me to a bed with some kind of cold or cough. I had to get to the bottom of it. Well the top of it actually.

I began to research the different types of headaches, what they mean and how they can be analyzed.  Before I put in a few hours of research I realized I was barely able to concentrate on my research. I asked myself if I was nervous, anxious, or stressed out. I took a moment to analyze my environment and my level of peace in my heart and noticed there was  the lack. The winter weather has had me stressed about not having proper access to the sun. Then realized my environment has been a bit chaotic and this was the reason I was suddenly getting these headaches.


Image result for determination of a headache

It is imperative that we not ignore the sings that our bodies give us when telling us that something is wrong. If we do not address our intuition our health can get worth in months, days, or even hours. The moment your body is incapable of functioning at a positive energetic level mixed signals will be sent to your brain and chaos will be created in your body which will result in illness, pain, fatigue, and sometimes even chronic diseases.

This winter season be sure to listen to your body and the messages it gives you on when to take care of it. Although you should practice rituals of self care everyday, it is imperative that you at least become more graceful with caring for yourself. Only you have the power to reverse illness in your body just be mindful to care for it when it speaks to you not when it is no longer able to speak. Listen to your body. Love on yourself. Be kind to yourself. ~YtheG





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