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As I continue to embark on my journey as a writer I continue to become more passionate about story telling and its importance for personal growth. It was only a few months ago since I was introduced to Ms. Lytoya Parker by Coach Tea who connected us both via facebook. Coach Tea approached with telling me about Lytoya and the amazing book project she was working on about bringing a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to share their story and journey with the world about how their success came about in starting their own business. I knew I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity like this one to share my story about why I created my business birth & wellness services business, IbiOp. Below is a short piece of my chapter “Birthing a New Culture.” I am so excited to inspire any one who hears my story to begin or continue to excel in their journey to create what they wish existed.
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“As a Doula, Every birth I have worked motivated me more and more. Each time I heard another baby let out their first cry, witnessed a woman become a superhuman, and a father become the proud guardian of his family, this led me to become more passionate about my work.
In order to become a midwife under a specific license I had to find a preceptor to apprentice with. However this part of my journey led me to find out how similar a midwife was to a unicorn in places like New York City; they exist but are hard to find. In my research I found it appalling that there wasn’t an existing nationwide, directory of birth workers. There was no “yellow pages” for the services of a Doula, midwife, breastfeeding consultant, or any one pertaining to the Maternity industry. In knowing that a baby is born every 8 seconds in the United States; this was unacceptable to me.”  ~Birthing A New Culture, Yasmintheresa Garcia


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