A thing to do in NYC before Summer Ends!

If you have noticed what I have, you have learned that in New York City we usually only have the privilege of enjoying what it seems to be only two months of summer and the rest just feels like Winter and a winter remix which some may consider the fall and spring season.  Therefore as a person who has lived in Southern California for the majority of my adult life, even though I lived in NYC until I graduated high school I have always made it a point to explore the fun and different things New Yorkers usually take for granted during the summer.

Recently I found out there are local parks that have hidden hiking trails and I was so grateful to have been introduced to them. Can you believe I found one hidden gem in the bronx. Yes, Bronx the part which boarders with Manhattan.

During my time living in California, I found so much peace and tranquility in hiking and for a long time it was my salvation. I am grateful for my friends that introduced me to different hiking trails. Now no matter where I go I seek to find the hidden gems that people call hiking trails that are simply roads that are often less travelled. Now that I am in NYC I have made an effort to escape the concrete jungle and find the beauty that this city has to offer.





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