Approximately 1 in every 10 Americans has an addiction problem.

I once heard a friend say that everyone has an addiction of some sort. To my belief and understanding some people may have addictive characteristics that are measured by their will power and others simply have learned to master their will power and are slightly less influenced into consuming too much of anything. In many ways that can relatively be the Libra in me saying, some have mastered the art of balance while others are still practicing.

This theory led me to question my own faults and potential addictive behaviors. I have tried many things like minor recreational drugs and GMO foods in the past. However, I struggled to pin point a behavior that I have done consecutively over the last decade of my life. I couldn’t recall any addiction.

Then, I began to think as far as searching for something I simply cannot live without that I could consider being addicted to. I thought about Love. I cannot live or thrive without love and the feeling of being loved, not by many but only by the significant people in my life.

Could I be addicted to love? And if so, is that such a bad thing?

This brought me to the Author; Gary Chapman’s quiz The 5 Love Languages. I have lived by this information for the last decade of my life. After carefully analyzing my growth as a woman I stumbled upon the 5 Love languages Quiz and learned what my prioritized list of love languages were. Needless to say the results have changed based on my current love life.

Here are my results:




Perhaps being addicted to love is a potential affliction I face everyday in hopes that by living in love, life can be enhanced in all aspects. Now could that be a bad thing? I found it can be, but only if it draws me to hurt others or myself. But to label love as an addiction could be controversial to me and I choose not to label it my addiction.

Perhaps I’ve grown past the peer pressure of the 90s and have gained self-control through my experiences. Therefore my need and want for love and to be loved is not my addiction.

So do we all have additions or can it be that some of us have simply mastered the art of balance? In my experience there are phases in our lives that cause us to have more will power then before and as we grow and learn the true potential of our greatness; we get better at balancing the things we do; in portions and moderation that is. ~YtheG


Want to learn your love language ? Learn how you love and help others learn to love you!




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