Relinquish your multitasking goals!

In a world where everything seems as though time is moving at the speed of light we must learn, now more than ever to take a deep breaths in between thoughts.

“Learn to do one thing at a time and give it your all.” ~YtheGarcia

Some one sold us this lie at a young age that we need a back up career or plan if our first plan does not work out. On one hand while growing up, some learned the ability of juggling tasks and the act of balance. On the other hand this idea has caused many of us to not focus and disabled us from subconsciously giving our 100% effort to our first plan. We then question ourselves and our capabilities when our journey shifts us in a different direction. If we do not put in all our efforts that being, mind, body, and soul into our talents in order to create a career or monetize our greatness how do we expect to be the next Beethoven, Alicia Keys, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Dr. Bennet Omalu or Ellen Degeneres? Through educational literacy we have learned that the more we focus and put forth effort into mastering something, the greater the chance we have at being successful at it. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers,” he expresses a technical amount of hours that one must contribute to learning and mastering their craft in order to gain a certain amount of success. Now there may have been new studies in recent years that argue Gladwell’s 10,000 hour theory but in all reality when we look to many people who are getting paid for something they are seemingly passionate about doing or creating, a common factor I have noticed is their collective consistency.

In my opinion the more you focus your energy and your life to the things you love and create the greater the chance you will have to earn a living doing what you are passionate about. Provided you have the right direction through mentorship, guidance, and education of course.


The “jack-of-all-trades” seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one DEFINITE CHIEF AIM.  ~ Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill & Greg Habstritt

It took me some time, but I am glad that I learned early on in my 20’s how important it is to not be a jack of all trades. I became so deeply in love with what I am passionate about and what I am good at that I only wanted to work on that. This does not mean that I did not face failures or disappointments that caused distraction along the way but the moment I actually took my mentor’s advice and focused on my dream career, I realized that even if I failed one or two times, it only meant that I had to take a different approach in how I was setting myself up for success. This meant that more research was to be done and I had to become accountable for all the education I provided myself with. The most powerful lesson I learned once I knew I should pursue my passion at all cost was the courage to do it no matter how many times I faced disappointment because no matter what happened I was doing what I loved and essentially planning to create a unique way of delivering it to others which would take time to discover the how, who, what, when, where, and why.

“Stop spreading yourself too thin.” ~ John Davis (mentor)

When I was privileged enough to attend school and only focus on my studies I realized I excelled beyond my beliefs. In many cases today I find students who are usually part-time or full-time employees at a Job that has nothing to do with what they are passionate about or are studying in order to pay for school or simply to make ends meet. This for me always hindered my ability to perform at the highest level in school because I have a tendency to want to be great at anything I do therefore my focus would be in school and work versus just school or just my work.

This taught me that I had to find the best avenue to focus on my work and passion without having to rely on random jobs to make ends meet. Once I found courage to pursue my true destiny and calling without limiting my capabilities or questioning my intellect, I decided to put all my efforts and time into what I love. This meant that I had to create a way to make money by doing what I was good at. This meant I had to study the industry I would be serving and those who did it before me. Self studying liberated me into a world of possibility of being a brand of myself and the services and or products I am able to offer to others for compensation that I can actually live off of.

Truth is, we don’t live in a society that teaches us financial literacy from the moment we learn to read which is when I believe we should learn it in order to grow into progressive human beings who are allowed to live out their destiny by developing their own creativity. A human who is allowed to be themselves is sure to be willing to allow others to do the same in peace and harmony.








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