Behind YtheG

New Age Afro-Vintage Hairstylist


She came all the way from Long Island to my East New York home with this Erykah Badu swagg and healing hands. She greeted me with open arms ready to crown my Afro with the designs of our ancestors and I could not wait to see the outcome. Of course I trusted her with my crown, aka my hair something I don’t do with almost anyone perhaps my other half but that’s it. No one is aloud to touch my hair unless I pray over their hands first. However I trusted her and it could very well be because she is also my Hydro-colon therapist. The amazing work that Tamara, my Haitian sister is doing with her company, Ancestral strands is such a fresh new take on our vintage African hairstyles. Before the fakes tried to claim our beautiful locks and braids this Queen and her twin had been working on a new wave of braided hairstyles. I knew I would need her to blessed my hair with her designs because of all the different African styles she offered. From looks of the natives of Ethiopia to the very popular year 2000’s NYC street style; They can do pretty much any braided style you wish. My look was Ethiopian inspired, however I felt like I walked out the pyramids of Giza once she was done.


I always advise women and men to be cautious of whom handled their crown. Our hair as a people is sacred. It is what connects us to the land. It is our antenna to the different universal dimensions. The last thing you want is someone with negative energy or bad intentions touching your head. Tamara herself has beautiful locks that render from curly to Afro puff to silky waves which is a big reason I trusted she would handle my hair with care. My hair varies in texture depending on so much, the humidity, temperature, my diet, the water I last washed it in, my patience with it. My hair has a mind of its own and I respect it and I knew she would know how to handle it just as I would. Hands down one of my favorite hairstylist. One of the most wanted and seen in different Pop-Up events in NYC right now!





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