Travel to explore

Traveling to me means adventure! It gives me a sense of living.IMG_6071.JPG

Adventure to me, means experiencing something new and making it a fun time!

When people think of traveling they immediately think of a boat, plane, train or bus ride somewhere far away from home.

Little do most know that there is such thing as traveling in your own city or town. However the goal is to obviously leave your home, your comfort zone and get a feel for the world outside of your four walls. Most of my travel experience have been solo. I usually find myself on a journey of discovery and mastery of self. Most of the time, well more times than none I find myself walking alone and leading myself into adventures, opportunities and new places. For many codependent people this may sound a bit depressing. Hold on to your Kleenex fam! Luckily we always find loved ones along the way to experience some of these moments with. While having experienced many things by myself I learned to survive. I learned to thrive, adapt, and create my own reality.

My travel experiences have always been driven by a list of goals I have in mind to accomplish when I visit new places. We all want to feel alive and in living through adventure we are able to acquire that.


Never nothing average

I am not the average explorer. I don’t go to places to see all the tourist attractions because there is always more to learn about the culture of a place than only the places where the “elites” are known to visit. I am often driven by places that people don’t usually like to wander through.

Here are some of my goals I set to create my adventures when traveling, exploring, or just simply wandering around…

  • Speak to locals to learn about the lifestyle & get tips on what to check out
  • Visit the “Hood” not only tourist places & historical landmarks. Be cautious though.
  • Visit museums, you can learn a lot about a place by visiting its museums both historical and local ones
  • Explore the location’s Eco-system
  • Go for a walk, Get on a bus or train or ferry and pretend to be a local to get a feel of what its like to live there
  • Visit their markets, buy food and learn what kind of diet is predominate in the area
  • Only eat out at Vegan restaurants *Thats preferably my choice*
  • People watch : People watching is when you grab a cup of tea, sit where people can’t really see you and stare at them. It sounds creepy, I know. But somehow it allows you to grow compassion and explore your creativity. This allows you to imagine the kind of life a person is living by looking at the way they walk, the facial expressions they wear, the clothes they have on or even who is with them and what they are doing. I promise you’ll see something that will make you appreciate everything you ever had
  • Soak in the architectural landscapes and how different one neighborhood can look compared to the one next to it.

For some, traveling means spending monies

One of my major travel goals is not to spend monies on things but on experiences that are meaningful. There are some things I am willing to pay for like a historic independent museum that is owned by locals. Also I make it a point to contribute to small owned businesses, vegan restaurants, black owned businesses, tree trekking adventures, and water sport tours. Perhaps my kinds of adventures inspire you to try something new, something that can make you feel young and free spirited again. Too often we get stuck and we feel we have so many limits on what we can do for fun. A day exploring something new in the same place you’ve lived your whole life may change your entire perspective on the way you view your life. Don’t hold yourself hostage to only what you’ve heard. We all deserve to let the little kid in us explore and be free again.




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