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Waist Beads!

This month I have curated some of my favorite must have anythings, and waist beads are a must share with you all. If you are a woman it is time to take the next step in your wombman hood and adorn your temple for yourself and for your love. If you are a man… well you now know what to gift your lady with this month. Who said gifts are for special occasions? Thank me later!

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Here is one of my personal waist bead creator, Zanetta Tribble EL


Advice: Be sure to get fitted and adorned personally by a waist beader because the material must be handled by professionals to ensure comfortable fit and safe enclosure. These beads are usually binded on ends. There is no hook like bracelets or necklaces they are not meant to come off.

Other favorite waist beaders,

(Atlanta, GA)

(New York)





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