How I traveled from NY to Canada with $400



Manifest your travel plans into existence!

I recall being in high school and watching a travel show that produced a segment about the Fashion district of Toronto, Canada. At that time I was pursuing my career as a Fashion designer and as an artist I wanted to learn the culture and fashion of any place I could visit. I was driven to do some research on how I can travel to Toronto. To my surprise, I conveniently learned about Mega bus and how effortless it would be to travel from NYC to Toronto by bus. As long as I had my passport of course!

Mega Bus offers a bus ticket from 34th st. (Jacob Javits Center) to Toronto, Canada Tickets can vary from $20+  I paid $68 round trip. After four pit stops for restroom breaks and a total of 11 & 1/2 hour ride in a bus later I was welcomed in French by friendly boarder control attendants to C A N A D A. 

Remember to recover from long & uncomfortable trips…


If not much sleep was involved before or during your travels; Perhaps you will need to consider a well needed nap once you arrive to your destination. Once I got to Toronto it was early morning and I just wanted to hit the scene because I was so full of excitement and the adrenaline allowed me to think that I could handle it. Fair enough, I lasted the whole day on high energy but the next morning it was like waking up from a hangover. My body was super soar from my shoulders, to my back and legs. It may have also been because I had a backpacking book bag as luggage that weighed almost 40 pounds. But as the strong person I am. It didn’t phase me. Or so I thought. The next morning I had to sleep in because my body felt like it was the day after training day. is the new Hotels

Be mindful of the goals for your trip. The intention for my trip to Canada was to breath in Canadian air. I honestly wanted to know for myself how fresh it was. I wanted to feel the atmosphere and the energy of the people. Also there was always this stereotype in my head about Canada being way calmer and friendlier than America. Although my interaction with people didn’t go past the rude euro-racist woman at the car dealership and the pleasant yet surprised, curious African Canadian youth working at the market, my intention was to relax at a home away from home. I was not interested in sight seeing because it was colder than I expected. It was the first week of September and somehow I thought it would still feel like summer way up north. Don’t ask why. For the most part I enjoyed staying in at a beautiful and cozy studio I booked through for $52 (USD) a night. This was my type of vacation. Even though I would much rather be on a beach somewhere sunny, I opted out for a different experience with a very serene atmosphere. Plus the rain made it more peaceful that weekend.

BIGGEST REASON FOR MY VISIT but plans changed… 



V I E W S ?  You may want to check another blog for that…


Public Transportation: Always consider a weekly or monthly pass first!



Food: Shop in Supermarkets to save monies!

Up until the last day of my trip I went Raw Vegan during my trip in Toronto, CA. I made one stop at the supermarket the first night and brought $50 cads worth of food to make vegan wraps, I also purchased fruit, water, and cranberry juice to stay cleansed and hydrated. I arrive Friday, went to market Saturday and left Tuesday.

Favorite Vegan Food Joint hands down!   The Hogtown Vegan (1st two pictures below)




ART & Architecture:

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The Expense RunDown

USD $1.00 = CADs $1.30

  • Round trip Ticket: NYC to Toronto,CA ($68) USD
  • AirBnb: Studio 3-nights ($135) USD
  • Food: ($50) CADs                                                                                                                                    
  • Miscellaneous: ($45) CADs                                                                                                                
  • Public Transportation: ($25 )  CADs   (Weekly pass is $32 USD)                                          
  • Clothes: ($40) CADs  (I purchased Jeans and a sweater because I didn’t check weather Prior to going on my trip)


Based on my experience at that particular time in my life, stepping on Canadian grounds felt different. Somehow the energy that surrounded me was pretty calm. That is in comparison to New York of course. I rode the uncrowded subways where I waited for someone to start preaching, singing or talking loud on their cell phones, and nothing! The people in the streets were calm and in no rush to get to their destinations. I cannot explain how odd it was to be in a city where there were no police sirens or horns going off every 5 minutes. The people seemed joyful and super laid back. Yes, more so than the California vibes I know too very well.

A new adventure is a vacation anywhere!












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