The Indi explorer

Its not the easiest journey when you’re becoming a solo traveler. The ability to solely rely on yourself is something that takes time, months, even years to acquire for some. Perhaps there are some people who have been chosen for this lifestyle whom may have been instilled the thirst for adventure throughout their adolescents. The way I see it, some people are just meant to be adventurers and live nomadic lives. By no means does this mean that these types of people are irresponsible or disorganized. On the contrary, us explorers, the thrill seekers, the seize the moment type of people, We praise life and all its miracles and would stop at nothing to get the chance celebrate each moment.

My Gypsy spirit was awakened when I decided I needed to leave my hood in order to grow as a person. I never believed one could grow without facing obstacles on their own through exploration. Growing up in Brooklyn East New York if you didn’t get out, there was a great chance you would be a statistic black people should not be okay with becoming. My junior year in High school I knew that NYC was not a place I wanted to settle down in and begin a career, or a life in so I began planning my escape from the jungle.

My first Solo excursion

The first trip I took on my own to San Francisco, CA. I had saved most of my money from my summer job, booked a flight before the summer ended and went on a curious adventure to San Francisco with my high school boyfriend to visit colleges. Personally I did not know anyone in California but my boyfriend did. His eldest cousin and wife lived there and they were thrilled to be our tour guides. After watching so many depictions of California on t.v. I felt it was a place I would enjoy moving to one day because it had a similar City like vibe like New York but it seemed quieter, calmer, slower and more laid back. The palms trees, beaches and weather had a lot to do with that being my number one choice.






Over doing it

It was a no brainer that I had to leave Brooklyn once I graduated high school. I had decided on that weekend getaway to San Francisco, CA that NYC was no longer a place that inspired me. Everything I learn and experienced growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in NYC motivated me to overcome all fear, spread my wings and fly. After all I would never know if the grass was greener on the other side unless I jumped over the fence and checked it out for myself. No one I knew in high school had plans to go away for college further than a train ride away, none the less across the country like I had planned to. For many people including my school staff it was something hard to believe. I luckily had the head school counselor once tell me that she believed in my bravery and knew that I could survive anything I ventured into. In my mind, I knew that if I wanted to be successful and be the best that I could be I had to be different than everyone else and take the chances others were not taking. Many of my classmates were comfortable attending College down the street or 8 miles away. I on the other hand was ready to see what my life would be like without being able to depend on my parents to survive. I wanted to meet the version of myself who dealt with life in circumstances outside my comfort zone.

Just Do it. 

(A model I lived by that got me to California. Fun fact I ended up working for the creators of that catchy phrase, but thats another story.)

I made it to San Francisco, CA a year later the summer I graduated high school as a 17 year old. I checked into my dorm room my new life and it was then that adventure and the discovery of me truly began.




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