Martial Arts is in your DNA

For the lack of discipline.

Today we lack unity, organization and concentration as a people. Every revolutionary group that I have studied I have learned they have been inconceivable by this country because of what the power of a unified people can do.  Now, there was a time once before you all were told that African people were uneducated and savages; Back when Egypt was considered Africa. Somehow in someway today’s world has managed to say Egypt does not share a land and people with Africa as if the country had simply grown legs over time, packed a bag, and moved away from home. Ancient Egypt was also known as Kemet and the people of Ancient Kemet were black and they practiced Martial arts, yoga and meditation and even Veganism. If you thought those disciplinary practices were new, you have been miss educated.

After watching this video, I was incredibly amused yet saddened by how much discipline we lack …………. An example of Synchronized Arts 


After watching this video, I was incredibly amused yet saddened by how much discipline we lack as a people today. There is so much beauty in this world that we are beginning to miss out on. Last spring I was privileged to begin practicing martial arts and to my surprise I learned why it is a training so widely practiced by people all over the world. Martial arts, like any other disciplinary art can help improve one’s self esteem and physical health but most importantly it can cause a person’s mind to exercise parts of it that one may not necessarily always use. Martial arts taught me to find balance and learn how to be still and in tuned with my body in order to manipulate and push it to do impossible things like breaking a board with the side of my hand or heel of my foot. The universe would have it be that my Sensei was African from Ghana. It was more of a confirmation as to how important it was for me to learn everything I needed to learn from this particular stage in my life. During my 5 month Taekwondo intensive I was able to regain many skill sets I once felt I lost after having stopped playing basketball due to a foot injury that left me sidelined for almost 2 years. Taekwondo gave me the discipline I was seeking to get my body as active as I was once was as an athlete.



Taekwondo challenged my physical intelligence

Every morning I prepared to not only be challenged physically but also mentally. During the warm-ups the whole class had to be in formation and chant military affirmations in Korean. We then would be challenged by choreographed fighting techniques, kicks and self-defense moves, all way too early in the morning for me. It was a challenge but it did my body good and it somehow elevated the way I began to perceive my surroundings and the world I live in. Every morning before class our Sensei delivered a meaningful message about how important it is for us to understand how much power we have over controlling our thoughts and our bodies. I have always been a firm believer of words having power and our thoughts creating our realities but it was magical to witness my voice inside my head dominate my whole body to break a board with my foot. The training in Taekwondo changed me completely. The class and I formed a oneness every time we stepped onto the floor every morning and with our individual powers we created a force that attracted so many outsiders. Perhaps they wondered what all the military chants were but they often stayed to watch all our Taekwondo techniques that we practiced all together as one.

Here is one the videos that inspired me to be the best Taekwondo artist in my class. My Sensei showed us this in class one morning and it sure did light a fire in our butts to exude greatness! After those 5 months of training many of us lost some weight, many of us gained confidence, many of us even walked the streets more comfortable knowing we knew how to protect ourselves and think before reacting in stressful situations. My advice to all is that we need more of this, we need to promote and encourage the practice of our ancestors. It will be good for our mental and physical health as a people. It will also encourage much needed unity.







3 thoughts on “Martial Arts is in your DNA”

  1. Jahla Queen♥ Insightful and highly accurate!. I love “challenged my physical intelligent.” Martial arts in all forms really has a way of reconnecting one with their instinctual nature.

    My dad received his black belt in Karate in his early 20’s, and although I was never much of a Karate fan growing up I progressively got better quickly after applying myself, and finally took to boxing with husband. My brother and husband are both into MMA and kick boxing and my sister turn out to be the streetfighter lolz. Definitely in our DNA!

    ♥ Thanks for the great post, and I wish you all the best in your practices and studies Queen!


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