Rhythms in love making

Making love is not just an extra curricular activity we partake in. It is not a sport or a pass time. A lot of effort goes into a successful moment of love making. The sad reality is that many people have missed the one necessity needed to enjoy love making pleasurably and that is the rhythm you create with your partner in the moment.

We often have the preconception that making love is simple and un-prolific but contrary to popular belief it is all that and more. When making love everything matters, all the small pieces create the whole picture where both parties are satisfied and inspired.

I’ve learned that making love has so many intricate features that must be managed in order to create an accomplished experience.

The initiation: Coming together to make love can sometimes be an awkward moment when we have a preconception of how it is supposed to look based on what we’ve seen on T.V. or heard of. The initiation process should be natural, comfortable and exciting, all in a good way. This part should feel like all the butterflies in your stomach are slowly transitioning out of their cocoons and into the world for their first flight.

The breath: When making love it is important for both individuals to be in sync by their breaths. It sounds strange but non the less this aspect is very important when a couple is creating the rhythmic beat of satisfaction.

The beat: Now the beat is best described as the beat of our hearts that pulse continuously to give us life. During a sexual excursion the beat of both bodies crashing against each other create the same flow that of a wave crashing onto the shore only a little bit faster; depending. Mistakes are made when a person is not on the same beat as the other. If the woman prefers it slower because that is how she is reaching climax and her man is going faster because that is how he is about to reach a climax then both parties will not orgasm and be satisfied at the same time. It is not uncommon or unnatural but it should not be that both persons do not reach climax at the same time. This is a team sport people! Everyone doing the same play in order to advance to the next level, phase, position, quarter, or whatever you want to call it.

The melody: Everything is music. We live in rhythm and love making too has a melody that we produce with our breath, the sounds of our bodies, but mainly the sounds that come out of our mouth. We make music when we make love whether it is the woman’s submissive moan or a man’s empowering tone. All of this takes part in making the opposite partner more excited in knowing how good the opposite is feeling with the engagement of vocal expression, whether it be noises or positive reassurance that we like whats going on and how its going on.

The physicality: Body language is everything. In fact body language is the best form of communication. Now, how are you supposed to have a positive sexual experience if you are not engaged in making your partner feel adorned by the touch of your hands and legs. Well, your body all together. You can hug someone with your legs by wrapping them around a person. This seems like common sense but the truth is that all of this should be included in the practice of love making in order for it to BE GREAT!

The presence: This may seem overt but lets be real; within living in a world that has an attention span of 6 seconds, a reminder to be present in the moment could possibly be in order. Two people coming together to create, be it a new life, adventure, or discover a new point of interest on their partner’s body could be done with little to no human connection. Therefore putting in more effort to be present would only make this experience better. Adding some essential oils to this practice could enhance the mood even influence confidence. Small gestures like looking into each other’s eyes and verbal guidance as to what is preferred can take it all the way home honey! Plus, it just makes love making much less awkward when you know the person you are becoming one with is there with you on all levels, mental, spiritual and physical of course. 😉

Remember making love is to create. Create more love, a new life, a new adventure, a new level in your relationship or inspire greatness in your partner. It also helps to heal and release stress as an escape from this crazy world we live in. It should be a rhythmic experience that two lovers do in tuned. Make sure you go into this excursion with all of your bars ready, light up the stage, drop the mic at the end. You may be asked for your autograph after the performance.  ~YtheG







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