My universal epiphany, I can achieve anything.


It makes me wonder, why we do not talk about the greatness women can achieve

when they come together.  – Ytheg

When I was young I was obssessed with science and experiments. I was the kid with the exploding volcano project and pet mouse in a shoebox. Unfortunately no one besides my freshman yr science teacher saw my potential in how great I could have been in the medical, or research science field. I had won the science fair for a project on reproduction and contraceptions my freshman year, as a 14 year old who’d never had sex before and only had her period for two years at the time. Its unfortunate that my very good science teacher left the school because of how bad it was before I could even find out how to choose a career focused in science interesting enough for me to commit to it as I continued to grow into my personality. Its also unfortunate that my parents weren’t invested in who I could have been more than they were interested in me bringing home good grades so that they won’t get a call from my school with complaints. I was an overall good student. I was never disrespectful, of course distracted by boys but always determined and competitive to be the best in my class unless high boyfriend or sport team dilemmas presented themselves.

The need of adolescent encouragement

I have learned how important it is for us humans to have supportive and encouraging people around us when we are young and ambitious. A child needs guidance and reassurance when their personalities are being cultivated. Which is probably why it can be so easy for a young kid to not fully engage in the idea of what they want to be when they grow up by the time they graduate high school. In many ways I wish I would have had people believe in me the way I believed in myself. I remember being in Junior h.s. and learning about Darwin and his bull shyt theories and being great in science, I wanted so bad to be a scientist. I would be in lab and would daze off and picture myself in a white lab coat, wearing a pencil skirt underneath with beautiful shoes, a brief case on a desk near the door. It was a vision I had of myself but as I got older nobody believed me when I said I wanted to be a scientist or doctor so I easily ignored the possibility, doubting my ability to be smarter than anyone around me. But today is a new day and as I begin my career as a doula,  continuing my certification as a Emergency medical technician the universe has affirmed my greatness. Every class I take and every time I am challenged I find myself being one of the most knowledgeable ones. One who overachives and whose competitive nature makes them extremely comptent. Perhaps the lack of support in my educational career has ignited a fire in my spirit that makes me want to know it all and be the best at what I love but never knew I could be. This journey has led me to take the first step in being a birth doula and I now know that I hold the courage in my heart to be a Midwife. So there, I’m going for it. I’ve never been an average person and it took being in complete solitude for me to embrace my true potential. I no longer seek the approval of someone else’s opinion on how great I can be in this life.

6d64a66c9f0cdb1f19a4c9f90c201d8b                                                   W. Eugene Smith’s Landmark Photo Essay, ‘Nurse Midwife’                 


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