Leading a generation of women health conscious

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           It is evident that we need to start taking our health a lot more serious as the generation of Millennials. The world that we live in today is completely opposite of the world our parents grew up in. It’s almost as if everywhere you turn you are deceived as to what is organic and what is genetically modified. We are constantly fed too many advertisements of un-natural entities. It can obstruct a human’s visual perception of what is true and what is not. Which is why it seems many more women are taking charge of leading their lives and homes through educating themselves and becoming more knowledgeable about health and how it actually affects them and their families. After all a woman is the backbone of every family. She nurtures and loves everyone while the men usually holds down the fort and support the woman. Show me how much a women loves herself by showing me how she takes care of herself by what she eats and puts on her body. Then show me how much a woman loves her family by what she puts on the dinner table. Of course this is all based on her level of consciousness and education of both her original roots and social influences.   

We are meticulously engineered

Studies have shown that many Afro-American and Latinos are taking charge of their health and food resources. Based on my own observation I have seen the numbers triple with in the past few years of African-American customers when shopping at a local farmers market and or organic/vegan food markets. At a very large scale we are becoming more educated on what our specific biological needs are. Throughout decades migration has affected African Americans in many ways. Being stripped of our culture, our fashion style, tradition and the food we consumed. Our biological properties cause us to process foods differently than other demographics of people. Some may even say we are higher beings. You won’t give a Ferrari regular unleaded gasoline, would you? Or a better example would be, any women who knows the importance of buying a good weave or wig for a specific hairstyle knows not to buy synthetic hair, but human hair. The truth is when we feed ourselves low frequency foods, foods that are dead, we are consuming death. We are consuming blood and flesh. In many ways this can’t be good for our bodies. Because of this we are a demographic leading in degenerative health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and malnutrition. All of which are preventable and reversible. It’s no wonder why women are now turning to a new way of life.

Our Ancestors were farmers & innovators

Now suppose we begin to explore the possibilities of owning our own health food stores, vegan cuisines and/or farmers markets?

After all, our ancestors were all farmers, how hard could it be to go back to connecting with nature and allowing it to nurture us instead of just having it shelter us. We all know that if someone presents us with a miracle pill that can help us lose weight or remove a migraine we consume it in a second, but why is it that we hesitate to do that with food. There’s an old saying “Everything that humans need to live fruitfully has already been provided to us here on earth by a higher power before man stepped in and began to tamper with it and manipulate it for its selfish desires.” What an adventure it would be to embark on the journey of relearning the majesties of herbs, minerals, spices and plants that can actually heal us.  It is understandable that food has largely become something we humans consume for comfort more than for necessity. Otherwise, why would there be such a high obesity rate in our country? You may have thought of a reason. Yes! The lack of nutritional food and consumption of artificial foods is a large reason for the high obesity rate in this country.

Despite all of that negativity, what if I told you Generation Y2k is slowly picking up on this malfunction and is beginning to change the future that was evidently designed for them. According to an online article published by Angela Haupt in last year 2014, here were some of the health fads that have carried on over to this year. High intensity interval training, Body weight training, Yoga, and Group exercise classes. In doing my own research I have noticed an increased number of people actually interested in learning more about the food that they are consuming. Also becoming more physically fit. Being a part of a society that now glorifies artificially enhanced body parts, women have figured its best to become healthy and fit then go under the knife, spend money, and risk their lives.

My advice to you

In my personal journey to becoming a health conscious leading woman I had the same will power to do it all. However  the discipline was what I continuously had to practice to master. My advice for any woman taking notice of the shifting energy in this world is to begin with meditation and stay positive. Success doesn’t always happen overnight. Stay In TUNE! Learn something new about your body and health on a daily basis as a reminder of why you are doing it. Below are a few ways to get started.


You can take to become a health conscious woman in your community!



  1. Start growing your own garden

    • Educate yourself on how cool it is! Google! Youtube, Blogs!
    • Yes location matters so if the soil on your property is not nurturing INVEST in some Flower pots instead of a whole garden.
    • Make a list of all your favorite herbs, flowers, plants, fruits, veggies
    • Make sure to learn which grow best in what season and weather
  1. Study Independently

  • Make it a habit to continuously learn something new about healthy food
  • Watch the documentaries



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