I only date vegan, 

Hear me out! I am very big on being a resourceful human. This world has enough clutter and enough waste. We need to start encouraging ourselves to honor the magic that our bodies provide us. Us as women are powerful humans much like men but a bit more awesome. No offense to the kings. Our bodies have nurtured and can nurture us in ways we have shied away from after being stripped of our culture. So there I was on #Pinterest looking up #VeganCheese #Recipes and I thought about making cheese out of #breast milk I mean why not feed your children cheese made from the same milk they drink! And then i just came across loads of information about how powerful and beneficial breast milk is. I’ll provide more info later about this but for now. My statement stays true. As a vegan or if I may say, (someone who is transitioning from vegetarian into full veganism) I realize i can’t date someone who doesn’t live the same life style because its not just a choice of what you eat. Being vegan really is a life style. It means that you are in tuned with the universe and you respect nature and honor it by living and letting all creatures live. Being vegan also sets a standard for the way you live your life. It challenges you to do with what little you may have and to be resourceful. I have learned to be more conscious of my body as a whole mind, body, and soul in order to live an optimal life. With this being said my journey to being full vegan hasn’t been always easy living in a country where pizza is everyone’s comfort food. However being full vegan during detoxification months in the last year and half I have seen such a big difference in my body, my energy my mood, my hormonal balance, my creativity, and my intellectuality. I encourage everyone reading this to research. Read up on alternative life styles to the normal meat eating one. Don’t ever judge what you never tried. You never know, it may change your life and help you save some money on milk.


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