Sustaining your Empire through Maternity Leave

 It is safe to say that we no longer live in the nineteen forties. We live in a society where women have the right to be independent, opinionated but and self-sufficient but even with that being said we still tend to try and fit the standards of what’s normal for women.


For some mother’s there’s no such thing as maternity leave. Motherhood for most seems to be one of the biggest motivations a woman can experience in her lifetime. Back then maternity leave meant taking time off from the real world and focusing only in taking care of household duties, feeding, changing and bonding with your newborn baby. It is safe to say that many of those stereotypes have shifted. For many new mother’s now, maternity leave means doing it all, bonding with your new born, maintaining the house hold and turning hobbies into potential businesses. Mothers are seemingly learning a new way to cope with the ever so dreadful P.T.S.D. that many have spoken of in the last century. Post Traumatic stress disorders among new mothers are extremely common. When you pay attention as to why women suffer from P.T.S.D. you can begin to find a common potential factor; women who may not be content with their personal life prior to bringing forth a new one into this world.

More and more we are seeing women becoming more of themselves when they have baby in this time; where you can put up a consistent stream of exercise videos on a social media site and become a paid endorser for a product you where caught utilizing in the video. It seems that in the time that we live in today it has become a bit easier for women to becoming better businesswomen when they become mothers. Not only does a baby motivate you to do your best to provide for them but also now society allows women to have an independence and identity as a mother and mothers are running with that opportunity. Maternity leave is no longer just a time to bond with baby; maternity leave is now a time for mothers to grow into the women they have been born to be. Mothers on maternity leave now see the new life they birthed as an inspiration to use the little bit of extra time they have while baby naps to invest in their dreams, catch up on writing a book they always dreamed of writing, get a degree online, catch up with old friends and share new business ventures with them. First time mothers are introduced to a whole new world of business possibilities from the moment of conception. Once a woman knows she is pregnant she then considers the idea of becoming somewhat of a doctor to understand when her baby may be ill. She then may want to take up some health and wellness courses to understand the best diet for her and baby while pregnant. It is very possible that a mother at one point during her pregnancy explores the idea of becoming her own fitness coach in order to save money and get her sexy back once the baby is out.


Once a mother finds herself on maternity leave today she finds a plethora of opportunities she may engage in that can lead to many great business ideas while having some free time and a heart full of inspiration. Some mothers at one point may have even wanted to run for congress wanting to make the world a better place for their young one before they could even walk. Reality is we live in a world that is so competitive that having just had a baby won’t stop a women from fulfilling her duties to her self, her family or her business. It is very inspiring to see new mothers turning their weight loss journeys into their new personal business while still on maternity leave given the fact that they had a healthy natural birth and is able to start exercising shortly after the birth of the baby. It is safe to say that with the immense amount of technology and resources we have in our society it is not difficult for a woman to sustain her empire during maternity leave. On the contrary a women who has built or is building her empire while starting her family will most likely find it encouraging to grow her empire and become a great legacy for her little ones to one day inherit.

Women are creators by nature. A women on maternity leave who has created her empire can now grow it or improve it beyond her imagination because a mother who has conceived her dreams, accomplished her goals and delivered her hard work can fully physically enjoy bringing a new life into the one she has already loved and created for her family.


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