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Yasmintheresa Garcia is a Brooklyn native of Afro-Dominican descent. The creator of the IbiOp App/Directory; The first App that list Doulas, Midwives, Events and more, worldwide!

Yasmintheresa works as a Writer, Personal Development Coach, Basketball Coach, Inspirational Educator, and Birth Doula. Also, Founder of YtheGirls “Hang out.” She has always had the desire to work with the community and help it progress in any way. Through her vision, creations and experiences she is dedicated to inspire others to produce self-sustainability in their communities.




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Every Sunday my sister and I share a conversation with a different individual who is not only making amazing strides in their journey to discovery. We were motivated to share these conversations with the world hoping to encourage others to talk to each other again. If we can’t grab a cup of libation and chat in person we will video chat because we all can learn from each other or network in person or across the world. 

If you would like to join us in a conversation with any topic Please comment on one of our videos and let us know!